OH What a Night.





The only downside to Sunday’s Anthro Fashion Show was the fact that now I absolutely have to have about 5 times as many of the Spring/Summer items than I absolutely had to have in the few weeks leading up to it.


Hello unwarranted shopping spree.

That unfortunate (but in truth very fortunate) result aside,

the night was absolutely fantastic. Who’d have thought that Madison, Wisconsin was hiding so many talented runway models?


Not I.

Certainly not I.

And friendly ones too! It seems like one of the ubiquitous traits of Anthro customers is their astounding personalities. Everybody was so warm and engaging – from the (painfully) gorgeous soon-to-be bride who was getting ready for her upcoming wedding, to the mom who brought her two enchantingly enthusiastic (the gracious adjectives may or may not have something to do with the fact that the girls shouted my name as I walked the runway) daughters along for the fashion ride .

I almost wanted to take all of the women home with me as much as I did all of the clothes! (and the cookies)



So, moral of the story: get yourself some Anthro-loving friends.

They’re pretty, poised, and full of personality.

Until the next,


All photography by Zach Pereles & Miranda Smith


the Sunday Strut


photo credit: avlxyz via flickr creative commons

Friends! Family!

Gather ’round.

Believe it or not, it’s once again that time of year that we watch the real women of the world flash their fashion savvy and remind the more awkward among us why we didn’t become models to begin with.

That’s right –

it’s the [Hilldale] Anthro Fashion Show!

The store invites the best of the best to walk down the proverbial runway (i.e. the craftily rearranged store floor) in their seasonal Anthro outfits for all the [local] world to see.

Stay tuned to this page for images from the annual affair, and maybe (very likely) even a candid snapshot of me falling!

Did I mention I’m not a model?

Until the next,