Making History; Anthro’s Inaugural Styling Night


A thousand apologies for my absence, but not to worry. I’m back and (slightly) better than ever. 

Unfortunately, my brief time away meant that I missed a truly historic event . . .

 Anthro Styling Night at the Hilldale Mall Anthropologie Night in Madison, WI!


Char, Molly, Steph, Shana, Bri & Leigh! The faithful Anthro staff 🙂



Never fear. A little birdie (/senior sales associate) filled me in on the oh-so-sweet details of the evening. 

Guests arrived around 6pm and were greeted by an array of watermelon-themed refreshments and margarita cupcakes. (Unfair, I know.) Char, a super-stylish Anthro employee, then proceeded to pick out her favorite new pieces to display in the fitting room for all to see. Amidst the cupcakes and casual drinks, guests roamed the store, perused the new clothes, began plotting their prospective tag sale purchases, and played tons and tons of dress up. 

The word is that one-of-a-kind dresses and cargo jackets were a big hit. Together? I wonder . . . 



It was, as all Anthro events tend to be, a (reported) success – mainly because, well, how can you go wrong with the trifecta of eating, drinking, and shopping. 

I ask you, how?

Want to come for the next one?

Join the staff for some styling and much-deserved relaxation this month – but make sure to RSVP. Call the store! 608-233-6157 🙂ImageImageImage



Steph, Char (the stylist for the night), Signe (store manager!), Shana & Molly!




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